Author Sean Glennon dubs Tom Brady the best QB ever

It’s a discussion that football fans from coast to coast can chime in on. It taps into the pioneer days of the NFL and connects generations of players and fans together.

Is Tom Brady the best quarterback to ever play the game? Author Sean Glennon seems to think so.

Glennon wrote the book, “Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The Case for Football’s Greatest Quarterback,” which provides the argument that Brady is, in fact, the best to play the position, better than Bart Starr and yes, even better than Joe Montana.

“It really came down to Tom Brady, Joe Montana and Bart Starr,” Glennon said in a visit to a sports journalism class at the University of Massachusetts Amherst on Wednesday morning.

While writing the book, Glennon faced the dilemma of how to best make a case for Brady without diminishing the accomplishments and contributions that past quarterbacks have made to the league. He didn’t want his case to be based on ignoring or belittling past NFL signal-callers.

“I’m not building a case on negatives, I built a case on positives,” he said.

Glennon admitted that the biggest obstacle he faced when writing the book was making the case for Brady over Montana. Montana finished a perfect 4-0 in Super Bowls while never throwing an interception.

So could the argument be made that Brady, who is 3-2 in Super Bowls, has already eclipsed Montana’s accomplishments? That is, can the argument be made objectively and not by Patriots owner Robert Kraft?

Glennon says his argument focuses on the fact that Brady was better at getting to the Super Bowl as opposed to trying to make the case that Brady’s Super Bowl performances trump those of Montana.

Brady started his career with 10 straight playoff victories. Montana started with four straight playoff wins and his largest streak was only seven. Montana had 16 playoff wins in his 15-year career. Brady already has 16 in his 13 years in the league, which includes a 2008 season that he missed entirely because of injury.

Glennon acknowledges the fact that his argument will have people that disagree with him, such .

“I don’t think I made an air-tight argument because I don’t think an air-tight argument can be made,” Glennon said.

Glennon later added that the book was meant to spark discussion.

“This book is meant to start arguments in bar rooms and on the radio,” he said.

Glennon is an enthusiastic, football storyteller that judges a player more by what he sees with his eyes than what a stat sheet can tell him. Growing up in Milford, Mass., Glennon found himself around New Englad Patriots fans his whole life, although he swears he’s not a Patriots fan himself.

He has written three other books on the Patriots, including a pair of books for publishing company Triumph Books. The company really wanted Glennon to write a book about Brady. He initially flirted with a book idea that compared Brady to then-Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning, but that idea came off the table once Manning missed the entire 2011 season.

“To me, the Brady-Manning argument has been settled,” Glennon said.

Instead, he shifted his focus: Is Tom Brady the best quarterback ever?

He formulated his book in the form of stories, not by dragging it down with statistics for “stat geeks” that the normal population doesn’t find interesting.

“I don’t walk around with stats and dates in my head,” Glennon said. “I walk around with stories in my head.”

In the future, Glennon hinted that a book about Patriots coach Bill Belichick could be his next project.

Glennon’s book can be bought here.

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